Throughout the history, the everyday life in the village of Most na Soči, former St. Lucia, was more or less tightly associated with archaeology. This pretty place, where the Idrijca River flows into the Soča River, was visited by many respected researchers of its past.

Most na Soči was one of the largest settlements in the Iron Age (8 th – 4 th cent. BC). Archaeological findings, these significant remains of human existence in prehistoric times, are respectfully called St. Lucia’s culture throughout the world.

The most important findings from this age are situlas. These vessels were used in rituals, and served as urns at funerals.

Imagine a bronze situla glowing as if made of gold; around it, a group of Iron Age inhabitants of Posočje have gathered, musicians are playing and everybody is waiting for the arrival of the local priest, who dominated such events. The priest is coming with a superior attitude; a murmur of unintelligible words can be heard from his mouth. Silence. He approaches the situla and a young woman in white passes him a bronze ladle. He immerses it into the concoction prepared for this very occasion, and takes the first sip…


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